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How to Use Video to Enhance Your Sales Process (🔉 & 📘)

Educate prospects, demonstrate products and close deals with these tips...

Videos have become an increasingly popular medium for businesses to connect with their audience, and for good reason. In this blog post, we'll offer advice on how businesses can use video to enhance their sales process.

1: Use video to educate prospects

One of the most effective ways to use video in your sales process is to create videos that inform prospective customers about your products or services. These videos should explain what your product or service does, how it works, and why it's valuable. By providing this information in a clear and concise way, you can help people to understand how your product or service can meet their needs.

You can use a variety of video formats to achieve this, including explainer videos, product demos, and how-to videos. Explainer videos are short, animated videos that explain a product or service in a simple and engaging way. Product demos are videos that show your product or service in action, while how-to videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to use your product or service.

2: Showcase your product

Video is a great medium for demonstrating products and services because it allows you to show your product in action and highlight its features and benefits. Demonstrating your product in a video can help your prospects visualise how your product works and gives them a better understanding than something such as a static image of the product would.

You can demonstrate your products and services in a number of ways via video. These include product demos, customer testimonials, and case studies. Product demos are simple and informative, and best for general information. On the other hand, customer testimonials feature satisfied customers discussing how your product has helped them and are great for adding a human touch. Case studies are videos that highlight specific examples of how your product or service has helped solve a particular problem for a customer. These tend to be more in-depth than a customer testimonial and a really useful asset.

3: Use video to close deals

Video can also be instrumental for closing deals. Video allows you to personalise your sales pitch and connect with your prospects on a deeper level. By creating videos that are tailored to each prospect's specific needs and concerns, you can demonstrate your expertise and build trust, as well as supply that bespoke experience that people are drawn to.

You can even use customer testimonials as a selling tool, and show people what they're missing out on.

4: Use video in your follow-up process

Why not use video to follow up with prospects after an initial sales call or meeting? By sending a personalised video message to your prospects, you can continue to build trust and keep the conversation going. Plus, they will appreciate the extra effort you've gone through to personalise the sales experience to them.

This doesn't have to be anything fancy, and a video with a simple thank you and reiteration of why you want to work with them is often enough to make you stand out from the crowd. However, you can also send a recap video that outlines key points from the sales call or meeting if you want to go the extra mile.

Video helps you stand out

Video can help enhance your sales process in a number of ways. By creating videos that educate prospective customers and that show off key features, you can make sure your sales pitch is informative and memorable. Don't be afraid to follow up with a video after as well, these personal touches are often the difference between a yes and a no.

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