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The RSPCA, celebrating its 200th anniversary, has a rich history of fighting animal cruelty and improving welfare[2]. In the run-up to this milestone, they've commissioned research on future challenges and opportunities for animal well-being.

RSPCA asked us to shoot a 25 minute documentary from a variety of different perspectives of the Imapct on Fireworks on a semi rural community.

"At the RSPCA, we recently had the pleasure of working alongside Alastair to create a short documentary on the impact of fireworks on horses.


Our experience with Alastair was nothing short of exceptional. His efficiency and organization skills were impressive, and he kept the team and members of the public who were not used to being filmed, feeling at ease throughout the process.


Alastair went above and beyond to offer direction and support, which ultimately helped us to achieve our desired outcome. We are grateful for FrameStep's contribution to the RSPCA's mission and values, helping create a kinder world for all animals. Thank you to Frame Step for your invaluable assistance."

Carrieanne Stones:  

Campaigns Manager, RSPCA

Full Documentary

Dr. Mark Kennedy, RSPCA Senior Scientific Manager, Equines

Angela, Community Member and Horse Owner

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