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Mindset Kitchen

Mindset Kitchen, founded and hosted by Dajana Paliokaite, is a platform where the love for food converges with the power of the mind. Dajana's early passion for food extended beyond meal preparation, transforming into a means of self-expression, creativity, and soul nourishment. The first season of Mindset Kitchen features guests sharing mindset strategies that shaped their success across diverse life aspects, including business, spirituality, health, wellness, relationships, and love.

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Dajana Paliokaite:  Mindset Kitchen Host / Transformational Life Coach & Mentor 

Episode 1

Matt Black

Episode 2

Amy Rowlinson

Episode 3

Stuart Wade

Episode 4

Tony Courtney Brown

Episode 5

Paul Dornan

Episode 6

George Anderson

Episode 7

Buckso Dhillon-Wooley

Episode 8

Andrew Jameson

Episode 9

Courtney Orange

Episode 10

Stephen Gillen

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