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All cameras like light.  DSLR and Mirrorless camera have settings that can be adjusted to make the best of available light. Most webcams perform pretty terribly in all but the best lit environments.    The cameras found in modern smartphones have high quality image sensors, so good results can still be achieved when using a device such as an iPhone as a webcam (with an app like CAMO) even in suboptimal lighting conditions.

Whatever your choice of camera, always aim to light the subject as well as possible.  Natural light is great and care should be taken to ensure that any source of daylight is in front and not behind whoever is being recorded.

Lighting should be soft and diffused to reduce glare and hot spots and non specialist lighting can be used to good effect.  For frequent use and to achieve the best possible results the following are all recommended.


Three-point lighting is a standard method used to optimally light subjects in video. By using three separate light sources shading and shadows produced by a single direct light can be added or removed as desired.


Elgato Key Light,  Key Light Mini and Key Light Air are all superbly made, with fully controllable brightness and warmth and have a nifty phone app to control as well as a desktop app that sits conveniently in your menu bar.

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