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Video Editing

Unless your are streaming live (and potentially switching cameras on the fly), only the simplest of videos will not require editing.  You can reduce the amount of editing required by planning content well in advance and using a teleprompt.  (Check out PitchHub for a high quality, browser-based recording platform with integrated teleprompt) or use a dedicated app such as PromptSmart, which has voice follow and other useful features and works very well.

Professional, complex editing of documentary style footage is highly skilled work and platforms like Adobe Premier pro, Apple's FCPX and Avid are incredible but they have a steep learning curve.  Many simpler solutions now exist that allow even novice creators level-up their videos, making them more engaging and professional.

Editing (Applications)


Descript is a full featured AI-based editing tool that's as simple as editing a word document. Upload a video or record directly in Descript and the audio will be transcribed into text. The text can then be edited and changes will be applied directly to the video clips. Descript is used by many leading podcasters to remove unwanted filler words like um, "ah" "um" & "you know".


Editing (In-Browser)


Clipchamp (recently acquired by Microsoft) is a free and fully featured browser-based video editor with stock footage, audio tracks, templates and much more.  More than sufficient for most business video creators. 

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