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Cameras & Webcams

Great video starts with high quality video capture.  Professional creators often use a DSLR or Mirrorless camera with an HDMI capture card for streaming and recording.

The rest of us tend to use regular webcams and these generally perform poorly by comparison. They are, of course less expensive, don't require dummy batteries, rarely overheat and are much less bulky. Additionally, they normally come with smaller, lower quality image sensors and tend to have fairly basic software.

An increasingly popular choice, for anyone looking for near DSLR quality video is CAMO, a slick native application for Windows and Mac computers enabling a smartphone to be used as a professional-grade webcam. 


Our Camera Recommendation

All of these brands offer great cameras at price points to match moist requirements. It's essentially a matter of personal preference.  Software to use any of these cameras is basic and you should double check compatibility.  You will more than likely need to buy a HDMI Capture card and use third-party software. 


Our Webcam Recommendation

There may be no need to purchase a dedicated webcam at all.  You can access and use your smartphone's cameras with an app like CAMO.  The image sensors and lenses found in most mobile phones today are excellent. Simply connect your phone to your computer (with a charging cable) and use the app to make multiple image adjustments.  Camo is compatible with Android and iOS devices on both Windows and Mac computers.

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