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Consumer-grade Animation for business video production

We specialise in producing captivating and engaging animations that bring your ideas to life. We understand that animation is a powerful tool for storytelling and communication and take a collaborative approach to every project, working closely with our clients to understand their unique vision and bring it to life through animation.


We are proud of our track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients across a wide range of industries and have experience producing everything from simple explainer videos and motion graphics to animated shorts and animations designed to make e-Learning more effective and enjoyable.

Whether you need an animation to promote your product, explain a complex concept, or tell a compelling story, we have what it takes to make it happen. We use a range of different technologies to ensure that all animation projects come in on budget and are produced efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

Thank you for considering ASL for your next animation project. We look forward to working with you and bringing your creative vision to life.

"Alastair delivers results that amaze and delight. He has an ability to make projects happen as a great leader of teams and with a passion for rapid results and relevant innovation."

Alex Cheatle: CEO, Ten Group

Client: Standard Chartered Bank

Client: Active Navigation

Client: Reassura Guide to Bank Fraud

Client: Tony Wand Sales Training

Client: Sample for Positive Momentum

Client: Reassura Guide to Strong Passwords

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